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In the section “Beyond the Body Count”, the parts of Vietnam where no guns are being fired. Where no guns are fired does not necessarily mean it is peaceful. Many of the letters had to do with unsettling things such as unsettling anticipation of an ambush or even acceptance of death. One man wrote his will to his family. At this point in the war, nothing is really going on, everything is at a standstill, except the feeling of anticipation in a place like Vietnam is even worse than the firefight itself.

Even though all this violence is happening there is also a brighter side that some soldiers describe. This side pertains to the assistance of Vietnamese that are in need of aid. Helping the children that never had parents or a decent amount of basic living supplies. These men made america look good in times of war.

While some soldiers thought about Vietnam being the last chapter of their life, other were eager to be there and help their country and even help the people who lived there. It goes to show the polar opposites of America in times of war.

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